Why am I So Stressed Out About Starting Solid Foods? with Andrea Niles, PhD


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Do you feel anxious about your baby starting solid foods? Nervous that your baby will choke on food? Raising babies is stressful…and we don’t always get the support we need as new moms. Today I’m joined by someone who thinks we should be doing things - and supporting new moms differently

Her name is Andrea Niles, she’s a clinical psychologist and mom of 2. Andrea is the founder of Prospera Mental Health and Wellness, which provides one on one weekly sessions with perinatal certified mental health coaches. 

…and in this interview she shares how she herself had a traumatic birth experience and recognized that even as a clinical psychologist she needed to ask for help in the post partum period


About the Guest

  • Andrea Niles is a clinical psychologist and a mom of 2
  • She is the founder of Prospera Mental Health and Wellness and provides mental health coaching

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