Breastfeeding & Starting Solid Foods: When Will My Milk Supply Drop Off? with Jessica Smith, MSN, RN, IBCLC

  • When is the ideal time to drop a milk feed…and which one goes first?
  • How to handle declining milk supply after your baby starts solid foods
  • Why breastfeeding beyond 1 year has benefits most moms don’t know about


Episode Description

How often should you breastfeed once your baby starts solid foods? And what if your milk supply drops off once your baby starts eating? Jessica Smith, MSN, RN, IBCLC joins me to explain how you can succeed at continued and extended breastfeeding after 6 months of age and even past age 1.


About the Guest

  • Jessica is a nurse for 24 years, and a lactation consultant for 9. 
  • Most of her career has been in maternal-child nursing, with several years as a cardiac nurse, and 15 years as adjunct faculty as a clinical educator to junior level nursing students.
  • Her love for teaching – tied together with my passion for helping families with their personal feeding journey moved me into the world of lactation.

Links from this Episode

  1. Jessica’s website https://blueridgelactation.wixsite.com/ibclc 
  2. Kelly Mom https://kellymom.com/ 
  3. IBL: The Institute for the Advancement of Breastfeeding & Lactation Education: https://lacted.org/ 
  4. Infant Risk Center MommyMed for Moms: https://www.infantrisk.com/infantrisk-center-resources 

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