How to Brush Your Baby's Teeth with @firstgrin Ashley Lerman, DDS

  • How to brush your baby’s gums with a muslin cloth…even if they’ve already fallen asleep
  • How to position your baby to brush their teeth…and how that position changes for older babies
  • Which type of toothpaste is best for babies and how much to use at each age and stage


Episode Description

Oral care is important but how do you actually brush an infant’s gums or teeth? Pediatric Dentist and mom Ashley Lerman explains the best positioning and technique for brushing your baby’s teeth.


About the Guest

  • Ashley Lerman, DDS is a board certified pediatric dentist and a new mom
  • She is the founder of First Grin, a company providing oral healthcare kits for babies
  • Ashley is passionate about helping families pave the way for a lifetime of optimal oral health

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