Gagging vs. Choking: What is the Difference?

  • Which foods are choking risks and how to modify them to make them safe for your baby
  • Why it is important not to intervene during a gag…and how to react when your baby gags
  • What to do if your baby chokes on food


Episode Description

What if my baby gags on food? And how is gagging different than choking? In this episode we cover why gagging is a good thing when your baby is learning to eat and what to do if your baby chokes on food.

Links from this Episode

  • Online Infant Refresher CPR Course - use affiliate code KATIE10 for an additional $10 off lifetime access to this online CPR class
  • High Chair recommendations - look for an adjustable footrest…the Stokke Tripp Trapp is my favorite but here are some other high chairs that also have footrests.
  • Puffworks Baby Peanut puffs for introducing peanut protein: affiliate code BLWPOD for discount
  • ezpz First Foods Set for suction mat, baby-led weaning spoons and open cup: affiliate code KATIE10 for discount

Resources and Research

Take a refresher infant CPR course before your baby starts solid food. Use affiliate discount code KATIE10 for $10 off lifetime access to the online course I take each quarter here: https://courses.thrivetraininginstitute.com/pages/babyledweanteam

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