Everything You Need to Know About Baby-Led Weaning: A Safe Approach to Starting Solid Foods

  • Differentiating baby-led weaning from conventional parent-led spoon-feeding and the benefits of BLW backed by research
  • A little bit of the history on starting solid foods & how Gill Rapley, PhD pioneered the baby-led weaning movement
  • Strategies for successful baby feeding & my #1 secret for overcoming feeding challenges


Episode Description

Discover the ins and outs of baby-led weaning versus traditional spoon feeding, how it differs from parent-led feeding, and expert tips (pioneered by Gill Rapley, PhD) on safely introducing solid foods to your baby in this episode. Join me as I demystify baby-led weaning as a more developmentally appropriate introduction to solid foods and empower parents to make informed choices for your baby's nutrition journey.

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