Dog Training Tips When Your Baby Starts Solid Foods with Jake Schneider

  • How to handle your dog being jealous of your baby…especially when the baby starts eating food
  • Why it’s best to keep your dog out of the kitchen at mealtime…and how to do that if you’ve been lax
  • Which command is best to teach your dog “that’s not yours”...and how to make your dog listen!


Episode Description

 Is it safe for your dog to eat food your baby drops on the floor? Should the dog even be around your baby in a high chair? In this episode certified dog trainer Jake Schneider from @ondogtrainingacademy shares tips on establishing boundaries and rules for your dog when your baby starts eating solid food.

About the Guest

  • Jake Schneider is a certified dog trainer who coaches people struggling to get their dog to behave
  • Jake and his wife teach an online program called WELCOME HOME with behavioral trainings for dogs

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