Milk Protein: How to Introduce Your Baby to this Potentially Allergenic Food

  • Why waiting 3-5 days between new foods can slow down your baby’s progress
  • How to safely offer 1 (or more) new food(s) per day…and why this is safe
  • When to sequence the introduction of allergenic foods to observe for reactions


Episode Description

What if my baby has a milk allergy or can’t eat dairy foods? The only way to know if your baby is allergic to cow’s milk protein is to offer them that food. In this episode we look at milk allergy and how to prevent it, including the easiest way to offer your baby this potentially allergenic food and why it’s particularly important for exclusively breastfed babies.


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<v SPEAKER_1>This is one of my favorite times of the year, you guys, because Baby-Led Weaning Day is coming up on July 1st.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So quick history on Baby-Led Weaning Day.

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<v SPEAKER_1>In 2021, we designated July 1st to be National Baby-Led Weaning Day.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And I did that in honor of Jill Rapley, who's the founding philosopher of Baby-Led Weaning, the co-author of the original Baby-Led Weaning book.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And Jill really advocated for this idea of waiting until babies are ready to start feeding themselves before we start solid foods.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And that's gonna occur around the six-month mark.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So July 1st is National Baby-Led Weaning Day because it's six full months into the year, right?

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<v SPEAKER_1>If your proverbial baby was born on January 1st, then on July 1st, your baby would be six months old and very likely starting to show you those reliable signs of readiness to eat.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So if your baby is starting solid foods with baby-led weaning soon, or if you started with some purees, but you wanna make the switch to finger foods and do some baby-led weaning, this is a great time to get moving.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And we will be celebrating Baby-Led Weaning Day with a big sale.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So right now, when you join the Baby-Led Weaning email newsletter list, you'll be able to get $50 off of my signature online program.

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<v SPEAKER_1>It's called Baby-Led Weaning With Katie Ferraro.

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<v SPEAKER_1>That will run from July 1st to July 3rd.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And this is the program where I show you exactly how to make all of the 100 foods from the 101st foods list for your baby, along with instructional videos and recipes.

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<v SPEAKER_1>I've got the whole 101st foods daily meal plan.

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<v SPEAKER_1>That's got literally everything done for you so that you don't have to worry about what food to offer your baby next or how to make that food safe.

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<v SPEAKER_1>When you join the email newsletter, you'll get expert tips about starting solid foods safely that are tailored to your baby's exact age and stage.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So if you head to my website, it's babyledweaning.co and scroll to the bottom, you can add yourself to the list there and then you'll be all set up for that big Baby-Led Weaning Day sale that's coming up July 1st to 3rd.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Again, that website is babyledweaning.co.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Join the newsletter and I'll see you in your inbox.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Are you about to start solid foods, but you don't know where to start?

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<v SPEAKER_1>Or maybe you started with some purees and now you want to make a switch.

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<v SPEAKER_1>The best place to get started learning about starting solid food safely is my one hour online video workshop called Baby-Led Weaning For Beginners.

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<v SPEAKER_1>I just re-recorded this free training and it's packed with videos and visuals on how to safely prep Baby-Led Weaning foods, what it looks like for the first few days, how to reduce choking risk and what to do if your baby has an allergic reaction to food.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Everybody on this free training gets a copy of my original 100 First Foods list, so you'll never run out of ideas about what to feed your baby next.

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<v SPEAKER_1>You can get signed up for this video workshop at babyledweening.co.

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<v SPEAKER_1>If you have one hour to dedicate to learning about Baby-Led Weaning, come take this free online video training and grab your copy of that original 100 First Foods list while you're there.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Again, head to babyledweening.co to get signed up and I hope to see you there.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And if you go to the yogurt aisle at your store, have you guys seen the yogurt aisle?

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<v SPEAKER_1>Like it has totally exploded in recent years and it can be really overwhelming.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So you're like, I have a baby, I'm just gonna buy them baby yogurt.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Babies don't need to eat baby yogurt.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Babies can eat regular yogurt because turn that baby yogurt over and look at the ingredients and look at the nutrition facts panel, there's added sugar in there.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Absolutely ridiculous.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Of course your baby's gonna like the sugar sweetened yogurt, but they don't need it.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Babies can eat regular yogurt.

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<v SPEAKER_1>You just have to know how to choose the right one.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Hey there, I'm Katie Ferraro, registered dietitian, college nutrition professor and mom of seven, specializing in baby-led weaning.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Here on the Baby-Led Weaning With Katie Ferraro podcast, I help you strip out all of the noise and nonsense about feeding, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to give your baby a safe start to solid foods using baby-led weaning.

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<v SPEAKER_1>One thing that confused me as a new mom was whether or not babies could have dairy foods.

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<v SPEAKER_1>I knew, of course, that my baby should have infant milk until age one, which is breast milk or formula, and then if I wanted to continue breastfeeding after age one, great.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And that we didn't substitute fluid cow's milk in place of infant milk until after age one.

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<v SPEAKER_1>But when it came to dairy foods, like yogurt and cheese and is cow's milk okay as an ingredient if I'm making food for my baby once they start solid foods, I always thought that was so confusing.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And cow's milk protein is one of the top nine allergenic foods.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Those are the nine foods that account for about 90% of food allergy in North America.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And research indicates that early introduction of allergenic foods has the potential to lower the risk for food allergy down the road.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So if you're exclusively breastfeeding, meaning your baby has never had any cow's milk protein, how do you introduce them to this potentially allergenic food?

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<v SPEAKER_1>That's the topic that we're going to cover today.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And I like to start each of these solo training episodes with a baby-led weaning tip of the day.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And today's tip is that your baby can start eating foods that contain cow's milk protein as soon as they begin eating solid foods, which is at or slightly after the six month mark, plus when the baby is exhibiting the other signs of readiness to eat.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Now, old guidance and old standards, more than 20 years ago, used to say to withhold dairy foods until after age one.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And we now know that that's not advisable.

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<v SPEAKER_1>New updated standards and guidelines recommend early introduction of potentially allergenic foods, including cow's milk protein.

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<v SPEAKER_1>But I routinely will be approached by parents who say, oh, but my doctor told me to withhold dairy foods.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Actually, just the other day, a mom in my program wrote to me and said, my baby's on formula and has been since she was born.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And when we started Solid Foods, I was showing the doctor the 100 First Foods list that you have and all the different allergenic foods we were doing, and her doctor told her, oh, no, no, no, don't do any dairy foods until age one.

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<v SPEAKER_1>And she said, what do you think I should do?

00:06:05.072 --> 00:06:14.812

<v SPEAKER_1>I said, I think you should get a new pediatrician, because honestly, that's more than 20-year-old, super outdated advice that you're getting, not to mention your baby's on formula, okay?

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<v SPEAKER_1>Commercial infant formula, the base of that, it's based on cow's milk, it's cow's milk protein at its core.

00:06:21.012 --> 00:06:29.232

<v SPEAKER_1>So your baby has been successfully digesting and thriving on a cow's milk protein-based diet since they were born.

00:06:29.832 --> 00:06:32.332

<v SPEAKER_1>Why at six months of age would you stop feeding that protein?

00:06:32.352 --> 00:06:33.652

<v SPEAKER_1>It makes absolutely no sense.

00:06:33.912 --> 00:06:42.172

<v SPEAKER_1>Now remember, if your baby's exclusively breastfed, they haven't had any cow's milk protein on board, it's important to include those foods in the weaning diet.

00:06:42.192 --> 00:06:50.472

<v SPEAKER_1>If your baby's had formula, you know that they're not allergic to cow's milk protein, but there's still lots of benefits from doing different dairy foods, and we'll talk about those today.

00:06:50.632 --> 00:06:53.892

<v SPEAKER_1>And of course, this is only relevant if your family eats animal foods.

00:06:53.912 --> 00:07:05.672

<v SPEAKER_1>If you are vegan, then you don't consume animal foods, and you would be looking for other ways to get the nutrients like vitamin A and calcium and vitamin D that we usually would get from dairy foods.

00:07:05.692 --> 00:07:14.472

<v SPEAKER_1>And it's perfectly possible to do that if you are a vegan family, it just takes a little bit more organization with regards to putting the foods together.

00:07:15.072 --> 00:07:25.532

<v SPEAKER_1>And if you're nervous about offering your baby a food that could potentially cause an allergic reaction, please know that the only way to know if your child is allergic to a food is to actually offer them that food.

00:07:26.112 --> 00:07:33.452

<v SPEAKER_1>And all of the data shows us that there's absolutely no benefit to withholding potentially allergenic foods.

00:07:33.772 --> 00:07:47.752

<v SPEAKER_1>Okay, so it leaves us, if we look at the data that shows, oh, potential benefits for lowering the risk of food allergy if we introduce them early, and no benefits to withholding them or not introducing them, that leaves us with the probable likelihood that earlier introduction is better than waiting.

00:07:47.952 --> 00:07:54.232

<v SPEAKER_1>So the general guidance is now to introduce foods like cow's milk protein early and often in order to lower the rate of milk allergy.

00:07:54.612 --> 00:07:57.772

<v SPEAKER_1>We also wanna consider the other important factors in these foods.

00:07:57.932 --> 00:08:00.212

<v SPEAKER_1>Remember, we don't just eat one food because of one thing.

00:08:00.232 --> 00:08:08.972

<v SPEAKER_1>Oh, I'm gonna do yogurt just because it's a way to do the potentially allergenic food that dairy foods, yogurt, for example, contains vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, other minerals.

00:08:08.992 --> 00:08:11.792

<v SPEAKER_1>It's also a wonderful naturally pureed texture food.

00:08:11.812 --> 00:08:21.032

<v SPEAKER_1>So from a texture standpoint, because it's a little bit thicker, it's easy for babies to swallow, but it's also wonderful for your baby to practice dipping and scooping and feeding themselves by their spoon.

00:08:21.392 --> 00:08:29.132

<v SPEAKER_1>So hang tight, because in this episode, we're gonna talk a little bit more about yogurt and I'll show you how to pick the best yogurt to use when starting solid foods with your baby.

00:08:29.572 --> 00:08:32.092

<v SPEAKER_1>Spoiler alert, this is not a baby food yogurt.

00:08:32.112 --> 00:08:33.012

<v SPEAKER_1>Those are totally bogus.

00:08:33.032 --> 00:08:33.912

<v SPEAKER_1>Okay, you don't need them.

00:08:33.932 --> 00:08:35.832

<v SPEAKER_1>Your baby can eat regular yogurt.

00:08:36.132 --> 00:08:40.852

<v SPEAKER_1>So let's start out first by looking at some statistics about cow's milk protein allergy.

00:08:41.212 --> 00:08:46.172

<v SPEAKER_1>So allergy to cow's milk is the most common food allergy in infants and young children.

00:08:46.352 --> 00:08:48.792

<v SPEAKER_1>And sometimes when parents hear that, they're like, oh my gosh, my baby's gonna be allergic.

00:08:48.972 --> 00:08:55.532

<v SPEAKER_1>But if you look at it, really only about 2.5% of children under three years of age are allergic to milk.

00:08:55.932 --> 00:09:01.732

<v SPEAKER_1>And nearly all children who will develop an allergy to milk will do so in the first year of their life.

00:09:02.212 --> 00:09:05.012

<v SPEAKER_1>And most children will eventually outgrow their milk allergy.

00:09:05.352 --> 00:09:08.912

<v SPEAKER_1>It is perfectly fine to use milk as an ingredient in cooking.

00:09:09.392 --> 00:09:12.252

<v SPEAKER_1>If you're making foods for your baby, for example, let's say you're trying oatmeal.

00:09:12.452 --> 00:09:19.692

<v SPEAKER_1>Oatmeal is one of the starchy foods from my 100 First Foods list, along with a lot of different whole grains that you can easily make into a porridge consistency.

00:09:19.932 --> 00:09:28.732

<v SPEAKER_1>When that porridge cools, you can form the cooled porridge into little logs about the size of your adult pinky finger and offer that as a finger food to your baby to pick up and self-feed.

00:09:28.972 --> 00:09:32.852

<v SPEAKER_1>People always say, okay, that's great, but then if you're making buckwheat cereal, what do you make it with?

00:09:32.872 --> 00:09:38.972

<v SPEAKER_1>Well, you can make it with water or you can make it with breast milk or you can make it with formula, but you can also make it with cow's milk protein.

00:09:39.132 --> 00:09:46.592

<v SPEAKER_1>Okay, we just don't offer fluid cow's milk in place of infant milk, so that's breast milk or formula, until after age one.

00:09:46.912 --> 00:09:52.332

<v SPEAKER_1>But when your baby hits age one, it's perfectly fine to transition to whole milk cow's milk.

00:09:52.732 --> 00:10:08.032

<v SPEAKER_1>And one of the reasons why we use whole milk products generally up until age two, so we don't do reduced fat, non-fat or low-fat dairy products until after age two, the reason why we do that whole milk is because your baby needs the fat from that whole milk product for their still developing brain.

00:10:08.392 --> 00:10:10.932

<v SPEAKER_1>Hey, we're gonna take a quick break, but I'll be right back.

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<v SPEAKER_1>So what is the difference between cow's milk protein allergy and intolerance?

00:10:54.252 --> 00:11:05.232

<v SPEAKER_1>I get a lot of questions about intolerance and we've covered intolerance here very extensively on the podcast with a lot of different food allergy experts, with pediatric allergists, with gastroenterologists.

00:11:05.612 --> 00:11:21.612

<v SPEAKER_1>If you're concerned about dairy intolerance, a lot of parents will come to the podcast and they're listening and learning and saying things like, oh my gosh, when my baby was just born and I was breastfeeding, anytime me, mom, would have dairy, then my baby would get blood or they would get mucus in their stool and it was super scary.

00:11:21.632 --> 00:11:23.552

<v SPEAKER_1>So that means my baby's allergic to cow's milk, right?

00:11:24.072 --> 00:11:24.912

<v SPEAKER_1>Absolutely not.

00:11:25.152 --> 00:11:31.372

<v SPEAKER_1>Many babies have what I just described, the blood or the mucus in the stool when mom breastfeeds, it's called allergic proctoculitis.

00:11:31.452 --> 00:11:33.872

<v SPEAKER_1>But it's also a condition that many babies outgrow.

00:11:34.292 --> 00:11:42.512

<v SPEAKER_1>And by the time they start solid foods at or around the six month mark, they would be perfectly able to tolerate cow's milk protein foods, no problem.

00:11:42.812 --> 00:11:47.492

<v SPEAKER_1>But parents oftentimes get gun shy and scared because they remember those early days of infancy.

00:11:47.712 --> 00:11:58.612

<v SPEAKER_1>So if that's you, if your baby had blood or mucus in their stool, when you would eat dairy foods and then nurse, I really would like you to go listen to a fabulous episode, an interview that I did with Marion Groetch.

00:11:58.972 --> 00:12:02.632

<v SPEAKER_1>Marion is one of the world's leading experts on pediatric food allergies.

00:12:03.172 --> 00:12:07.032

<v SPEAKER_1>In episode 286, it's called Is My Baby Dairy Intolerant?

00:12:07.252 --> 00:12:11.192

<v SPEAKER_1>Food Protein Induced Allergic Proctocolitis with Marion Groetch.

00:12:11.432 --> 00:12:16.792

<v SPEAKER_1>I know it's kind of a mouthful, but that's for those of you who are worried, ooh, my baby's dairy intolerant.

00:12:17.152 --> 00:12:20.832

<v SPEAKER_1>Marion's going to tell you why your baby is most certainly not dairy intolerant.

00:12:21.032 --> 00:12:27.432

<v SPEAKER_1>So it is important to note the difference between cow's milk protein intolerance, which many of us as adults may have an intolerance.

00:12:27.452 --> 00:12:29.292

<v SPEAKER_1>Maybe you have lactose intolerance, right?

00:12:29.432 --> 00:12:33.732

<v SPEAKER_1>An inability to comfortably digest the milk sugar, lactose, okay?

00:12:33.732 --> 00:12:36.412

<v SPEAKER_1>If a compound ends in OSE, that's a sugar.

00:12:36.432 --> 00:12:38.272

<v SPEAKER_1>So lactose is milk sugar.

00:12:38.712 --> 00:12:42.132

<v SPEAKER_1>We're talking about cow's milk protein allergy, okay?

00:12:42.152 --> 00:12:49.792

<v SPEAKER_1>So the proteinaceous, the protein-containing part of the food, that's the part that your baby, if they're going to be allergic to the food, is going to be allergic to.

00:12:50.112 --> 00:12:54.752

<v SPEAKER_1>So we want to note the difference between cow's milk protein intolerance and cow's milk protein allergies.

00:12:55.112 --> 00:13:01.192

<v SPEAKER_1>So babies who have a mild or moderate cow's milk allergy may be able to reintroduce dairy, okay?

00:13:01.212 --> 00:13:05.632

<v SPEAKER_1>These are babies who have non-IGE mediated cow's milk allergy.

00:13:05.912 --> 00:13:14.632

<v SPEAKER_1>So if your baby has a diagnosed IgE mediated cow's milk allergy, these babies are going to have a severe, immediate allergic response to cow's milk protein.

00:13:14.952 --> 00:13:31.492

<v SPEAKER_1>And so for those of you who maybe have a baby who you suspect has cow's milk protein allergy, I would encourage you to follow up with your pediatrician, but recognizing that many pediatricians are not specialists in pediatric food allergies and instead get a referral to a pediatric allergist who can help you out.

00:13:31.952 --> 00:13:37.512

<v SPEAKER_1>As for the idea of this reintroduction of dairy foods, we do that using what's called a dairy ladder.

00:13:37.532 --> 00:13:48.312

<v SPEAKER_1>If you'd like to learn about dairy ladders from the expert who created and validated the most commonly used milk ladder, go listen to episode 368.

00:13:48.352 --> 00:13:51.652

<v SPEAKER_1>It's called Using a Milk Ladder for Babies with Dairy Allergy.

00:13:51.832 --> 00:13:53.912

<v SPEAKER_1>And that's an interview I did with Carina Venter.

00:13:54.192 --> 00:13:55.772

<v SPEAKER_1>She's a PhD dietitian.

00:13:56.032 --> 00:14:00.132

<v SPEAKER_1>She works very closely with Marion Groetch, the one who did the Dairy Intolerance episode.

00:14:00.472 --> 00:14:06.172

<v SPEAKER_1>And I've taken advanced pediatric food allergy training courses taught by both Carina and Marion together.

00:14:06.472 --> 00:14:14.832

<v SPEAKER_1>And I'm so grateful that they shared their time coming on the podcast to help clean up some of these misconceptions about the introduction of dairy foods.

00:14:15.272 --> 00:14:18.052

<v SPEAKER_1>Marion's a dietitian, Carina's a dietitian, I'm a dietitian.

00:14:18.072 --> 00:14:30.852

<v SPEAKER_1>As dietitians, what we don't want to see you doing is withholding a huge group of foods, dairy foods, unnecessarily because you think that your child is allergic to cow's milk protein when in fact, they really are not.

00:14:31.132 --> 00:14:33.652

<v SPEAKER_1>How about introducing cow's milk protein?

00:14:33.752 --> 00:14:38.332

<v SPEAKER_1>Let's say you are exclusively breastfed, so no formula, your baby's never had cow's milk protein.

00:14:38.592 --> 00:14:43.052

<v SPEAKER_1>You're at that maybe six month plus one week or six month plus two week mark and your baby's starting to sit up.

00:14:43.452 --> 00:14:48.852

<v SPEAKER_1>If you're doing my 100 First Foods Challenge, you're picking five new foods each week for your baby to eat.

00:14:48.912 --> 00:14:52.052

<v SPEAKER_1>And every Monday, we do a new fruit from the 100 First Foods list.

00:14:52.272 --> 00:14:53.512

<v SPEAKER_1>Tuesday, we do a vegetable.

00:14:53.932 --> 00:14:55.312

<v SPEAKER_1>Wednesday, we do a starchy food.

00:14:55.412 --> 00:14:56.772

<v SPEAKER_1>Thursday, we do a protein food.

00:14:56.792 --> 00:14:58.312

<v SPEAKER_1>And Friday, we do an allergenic food.

00:14:58.572 --> 00:15:01.172

<v SPEAKER_1>We do one allergenic food every week.

00:15:01.352 --> 00:15:05.972

<v SPEAKER_1>So in the first nine weeks of Starting Solid Foods, you've knocked out the top nine allergenic foods.

00:15:06.252 --> 00:15:09.432

<v SPEAKER_1>And parents will sometimes say, does it matter what order I introduce the allergenic foods in?

00:15:09.872 --> 00:15:10.792

<v SPEAKER_1>Absolutely not.

00:15:11.072 --> 00:15:15.112

<v SPEAKER_1>If you're not sure about introducing allergenic foods, go back and listen to episode 11.

00:15:15.372 --> 00:15:18.172

<v SPEAKER_1>It's all about how to safely introduce allergenic foods.

00:15:18.392 --> 00:15:21.012

<v SPEAKER_1>But as for the order that the foods go in, it really doesn't matter.

00:15:21.232 --> 00:15:29.372

<v SPEAKER_1>I've done all top nine allergenic foods in the first week of Baby-Led Weaning for all sorts of different babies, just to show you that it really doesn't matter.

00:15:29.392 --> 00:15:32.512

<v SPEAKER_1>You can make all of these foods safe, and it doesn't matter what order you go in.

00:15:32.552 --> 00:15:35.472

<v SPEAKER_1>But sometimes parents are like, can you tell me just what order to feed them in?

00:15:35.792 --> 00:15:41.032

<v SPEAKER_1>And so if you need to pick one, cow's milk protein is the most common food allergy among children.

00:15:41.052 --> 00:15:44.852

<v SPEAKER_1>But cow's milk, peanut, and egg, those are three really easy ones to start with.

00:15:44.872 --> 00:15:49.532

<v SPEAKER_1>And my favorite way to introduce cow's milk protein to babies is to simply do yogurt.

00:15:50.032 --> 00:15:53.232

<v SPEAKER_1>Yogurt is a very easy, readily available food.

00:15:53.492 --> 00:15:56.272

<v SPEAKER_1>You don't need to buy any special baby food yogurts.

00:15:56.292 --> 00:16:00.772

<v SPEAKER_1>In fact, most baby food yogurts, it's asinine, but they have added sugar to them.

00:16:01.232 --> 00:16:05.412

<v SPEAKER_1>Of course, your baby's going to like the yogurt with added sugar in it, but babies don't need added sugar.

00:16:05.732 --> 00:16:11.432

<v SPEAKER_1>And in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding added sugars for your baby up until age two.

00:16:11.792 --> 00:16:15.812

<v SPEAKER_1>So buying a baby yogurt that has sugar added to it is not ideal.

00:16:15.992 --> 00:16:17.892

<v SPEAKER_1>You can just buy regular yogurt.

00:16:17.992 --> 00:16:21.952

<v SPEAKER_1>And you get to the yogurt aisle and you're like, oh my gosh, like, have you seen the yogurt aisle lately?

00:16:21.972 --> 00:16:22.872

<v SPEAKER_1>Like, it's insane.

00:16:23.492 --> 00:16:24.692

<v SPEAKER_1>How do you know which yogurt to pick?

00:16:25.032 --> 00:16:28.772

<v SPEAKER_1>I have a few simple tips for you for selecting a yogurt.

00:16:29.072 --> 00:16:31.632

<v SPEAKER_1>Look for full fat or whole milk yogurt.

00:16:31.872 --> 00:16:36.972

<v SPEAKER_1>Sometimes parents will be like, Katie, I looked at every single yogurt container in the aisle at my store, and none of them say whole milk.

00:16:37.392 --> 00:16:43.692

<v SPEAKER_1>If it doesn't say reduced fat, if it doesn't say low fat and doesn't say nonfat, then you can assume that it's a whole milk yogurt.

00:16:43.712 --> 00:16:58.732

<v SPEAKER_1>And if you turn the label around and you see around 8 grams of fat per 8 ounce serving, 6 to 8 ounce serving, yogurt servings, you know, the manufacturer can pick what the serving size is, so it's not standardized, and it doesn't really matter because serving sizes don't matter for babies, and portion sizes don't matter at all.

00:16:58.932 --> 00:17:05.452

<v SPEAKER_1>Just make sure it has some fat in it, and if it's the whole milk, full fat one, it won't be reduced fat, low fat or nonfat.

00:17:05.652 --> 00:17:07.992

<v SPEAKER_1>And again, we want that fat for your baby's still developing brain.

00:17:08.552 --> 00:17:11.512

<v SPEAKER_1>It should also be plain, plain meaning no sugar, right?

00:17:11.532 --> 00:17:15.352

<v SPEAKER_1>When you turn that label around, look for zero grams of added sugar.

00:17:16.332 --> 00:17:20.152

<v SPEAKER_1>Vanilla, the reason why vanilla yogurt tastes so good is because it's not plain.

00:17:20.172 --> 00:17:21.552

<v SPEAKER_1>Vanilla has added sugar.

00:17:21.972 --> 00:17:23.372

<v SPEAKER_1>Greek yogurt is totally fine.

00:17:23.632 --> 00:17:26.052

<v SPEAKER_1>You can buy Greek yogurt, Icelandic yogurt, whatever you want.

00:17:26.072 --> 00:17:31.272

<v SPEAKER_1>We're looking for zero grams of added sugar, and we're looking for full fat or whole milk.

00:17:31.292 --> 00:17:32.692

<v SPEAKER_1>And then how do we offer that to the baby?

00:17:32.712 --> 00:17:35.752

<v SPEAKER_1>Well, we do that using a technique called the preloaded spoon.

00:17:36.012 --> 00:17:37.612

<v SPEAKER_1>You put the yogurt on the spoon.

00:17:37.852 --> 00:17:39.532

<v SPEAKER_1>You put the spoon in your baby's hand.

00:17:39.892 --> 00:17:47.292

<v SPEAKER_1>You take your hand, and for the first few times, you might have to gently guide your hand under the baby's hand to guide the spoon to the mouth.

00:17:47.312 --> 00:17:54.472

<v SPEAKER_1>We don't want to force the spoon into the baby's mouth, but once they kind of smell and sniff around and realize that there's something different on there, they'll get the hang of it.

00:17:54.492 --> 00:17:55.872

<v SPEAKER_1>They'll bring that spoon to their mouth.

00:17:55.892 --> 00:18:00.672

<v SPEAKER_1>Now, they'll eat the wrong end of the spoon, and they'll stick the spoon in their ear, and they'll get yogurt all over the place.

00:18:00.672 --> 00:18:06.732

<v SPEAKER_1>And spoiler alert, Baby-Led Weaning yogurt mess is one of the most obnoxious foods to clean up.

00:18:07.092 --> 00:18:08.472

<v SPEAKER_1>Get that yogurt when it's wet.

00:18:08.492 --> 00:18:09.792

<v SPEAKER_1>Okay, don't let that stuff dry.

00:18:09.812 --> 00:18:11.252

<v SPEAKER_1>It turns into cement.

00:18:12.092 --> 00:18:15.192

<v SPEAKER_1>I know many of you may have questions about plant-based milks as well.

00:18:15.212 --> 00:18:22.772

<v SPEAKER_1>Like, my family either are vegan and we don't eat dairy foods, or my child does have a diagnosed and confirmed cow's milk protein allergy.

00:18:22.992 --> 00:18:24.972

<v SPEAKER_1>Can I just feed them plant-based milk instead?

00:18:25.292 --> 00:18:30.692

<v SPEAKER_1>Plant-based milk is not appropriate in place of infant milk prior to age one.

00:18:31.032 --> 00:18:44.512

<v SPEAKER_1>When it comes to after age one, though, if you're looking at plant-based milks, I did a whole episode on whether or not plant-based milks are safe for babies, including what the singular one recommendation I have for over one-year-old for plant-based milks.

00:18:44.732 --> 00:18:47.732

<v SPEAKER_1>That's in episode 285 if you want to check it out.

00:18:48.172 --> 00:18:59.072

<v SPEAKER_1>And if you want help going through all of these foods on the 101st Foods list and introducing your baby to all of these different allergenic foods, I have a program with 101st Foods Daily Meal Plan.

00:18:59.072 --> 00:19:06.652

<v SPEAKER_1>We'll walk you through 20 weeks of done-for-you meal plans that sequence and build your baby's capacity to try out trickier textures.

00:19:06.992 --> 00:19:16.252

<v SPEAKER_1>The recipes incorporate the allergenic foods one at a time and then reintroduce the allergenic foods to your baby so that you know you're reintroducing those proteins.

00:19:16.272 --> 00:19:20.232

<v SPEAKER_1>Because you don't just do the yogurt one time and say, like, oh, my baby's not allergic to cow's milk protein.

00:19:20.252 --> 00:19:20.992

<v SPEAKER_1>It doesn't work like that.

00:19:20.992 --> 00:19:22.472

<v SPEAKER_1>It's not a one-and-done situation.

00:19:22.732 --> 00:19:25.352

<v SPEAKER_1>You want to introduce these foods early and often.

00:19:25.612 --> 00:19:29.392

<v SPEAKER_1>101st Foods Daily Meal Plan will walk you through all 100 foods.

00:19:29.812 --> 00:19:32.592

<v SPEAKER_1>My program is called Baby-Led Weaning With Katie Ferraro.

00:19:32.772 --> 00:19:38.232

<v SPEAKER_1>You get lifetime access to that so you can use this approach for as many babies as you end up having.

00:19:38.432 --> 00:19:41.572

<v SPEAKER_1>You can check it out at babyledweaning.co.

00:19:41.812 --> 00:19:49.012

<v SPEAKER_1>slash program to get all the information on how to make all of the foods on my 101st Foods list safe for your baby to eat.

00:19:49.432 --> 00:20:01.092

<v SPEAKER_1>I will put all of the links to the other episodes that I mentioned here today, as well as some more resources about cow's milk protein for you in the show notes, which you can find at blwpodcast.com forward slash one three.

00:20:01.472 --> 00:20:04.052

<v SPEAKER_1>A special thank you to our partners at Airwave Media.

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<v SPEAKER_1>Thank you so much for listening, and I'll see you next time.

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